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I am a contemporary architecture photographer based in Europe.

I photographed architecture on three continents, in 15 countries, covering over 50 cities.


What others say about my architecture photography

David Gee (Broadcast Operator)

“Wojtek’s architectural images are among the best. I find myself being naturally drawn to the way he composes and balances his images and his understanding of space and how to best represent great modern architecture. If you want to see the best of contemporary architecture as the designers intended, please keep a close eye on his work.”

Inaki Hernández-Lasa (Photographer)

“His photography is characterised by master compositions, a perfect balance between shapes, angles and vanishing points and understanding of light and impecable post-processing. Without a doubt Wojtek is becoming a reference in contemporary architectural photography for many years to come.”

Javier Gutiérrez Marcos (Architect)

“Wojtek is a tireless traveler. He knows how to give an interesting insight into the architecture of our century. His photos are highly professional and show a deep knowledge of architecture, a difficult discipline for conventional photographers.”